Read what clinicians and patients say about stroke therapy prior to the BAT:

“Technology is the only way to provide cost effective and aggressive rehab to the patient. Home therapy is useful in extending healthcare dollars and resources, in addition to creating a viable option for reducing re-entry to hospitals. If more therapy was provided in a cost-effective way, this is a great option for stroke survivors.”

- Senior VP of Business Development

“New rehab protocols and techniques are needed to give patients more practice and repetition throughout the day and into the evening, allow increased repetition as well as enable staff that isn’t as skilled to help patients and make for a more valuable rehab session.”

- Rehab Therapy Supervisor

“Even after an acute rehab stay, patients still require a significant amount of assistance, which means we need a safer discharge plan. Our facility often doesn’t have enough therapy staff to accommodate all of our patients. We really need new types of therapy devices... to help improve their outcome."

- Inpatient Rehab Unit Supervisor

“I did not think I got enough therapy during the course of my rehab. I continued home therapy with the help of a therapist after my out-patient rehab. I really like the idea of using a device at my home, especially if I was also provided with feedback from a therapist.”

- Patient

“More practice = better outcomes for stroke survivors. The length of the stay for a rehab patient might significantly decrease if they get more therapy by using a home-based device.”

- Senior Outpatient Rehab Therapist