Revolutionizing Stroke Rehabilitation

You want an effective solution at an affordable investment. You want a happy clinician and a happy patient.

  • If you want to maximize therapy time and increase the number of patients treated, check out the mirrored motion Bimanual Arm Trainer (BAT) to see how it can transform care delivery at best value.
  • The BAT combines motivation, modern technology and a therapeutic method that links the movements of both arms to create mirrored motion that helps retrain the patient’s brain.
  • We have specifically designed the BAT to be adjustable for patients of all sizes.
  • The BAT enables a simple cost-effective approach for stroke rehabilitation with improvements that patients will notice and appreciate.
    • The BAT is ideal for both in-patient and out-patient settings in facilities.
    • For the fraction of the cost of any current robotic device that assists in the movement of a weak arm, institutions can purchase several BAT trainers.
    • A single therapist can simultaneously handle multiple BAT devices and patients.
    • Leasing options will be available in the near future.

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