img_0914_500x333There are many key players involved in successful stroke recovery. From doctors in hospitals to therapists at rehabilitation facilities and in-home users, a consistent, effective treatment plan can make an enormous difference in recovery from strokes and neurological ailments.

In an effort to revolutionize rehabilitation for weakened limbs and extremities, Mirrored Motion Works is proud to offer our Bimanual Arm Trainer (BAT) to Rehab Therapists and Clinicians, Rehabilitation Facility Administrators and In-home Users.

The doctors behind Mirrored Motion works developed the BAT to utilize the strength retained by the un-impacted side of the brain and body to retrain the weakened half. It does so through exercises that allow the strength of one arm to move the other in a synchronized fashion, more quickly rewiring neural pathways in the brain.

With its convenient size and range of flexibility, the BAT is a great choice for both clinical and residential environments. It can be adjusted to be used by older children and adults of many sizes.

To learn more about the BAT, please see our testimonials and documentation, or reach out to our executive team with any questions or to place an order.



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