A Breakthrough Solution to Help You Help Your Patients

You care about your patients and want to help them recover. Unfortunately, most patients struggle with even the simplest behaviors. You know they need more therapy, but you cannot be with them all the time. They need continuity and you need follow through.

  • If you want to empower your patients to work on their recovery, check out the mirrored motion Bimanual Arm Trainer (BAT) to see how it can motivate them and enable you to help them recover.
  • More than a mechanical device, the BAT combines motivation, modern technology and a therapeutic method that links the movements of both arms to create mirrored motion that helps retrain the patient’s brain.
  • Clinical trial demonstrated:
    • Reduction in arm motor impairment; and
    • Increased active range of motion at multiple joints.
  • The BAT is a simple cost-effective approach for stroke rehabilitation with improvements that patients will notice and appreciate.
    • The BAT is deal for in-patient and out-patient settings as well as in homes.
    • For the fraction of the cost of any current robotic device that assists in the movement of a weak arm, institutions can purchase several BAT trainers.

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